Nokia is getting hammered

Inductive charging. Sleek industrial design. Optical Anti-Shake. All good stuff. But despite all of the nice things the tech blogs had to say about the Lumia 920, Nokia’s newest flagship Windows Phone, the truth is the phone is likely a non-starter. It didn’t help that Nokia did not know when it would be released, which carrier would sell them, nor any release dates. Why are you hosting a launch event without those details locked down? That’s total fail.

So even though the usual suspects were perfectly cordial about the hardware and software, the lack of details and the minuscule amount of people even interested in Windows Phone has disappointed Wall Street.

Nokia stock sinks as new Lumias disappoint

Josh Topolsky tweeted, “I’m excited about Windows Phone 8, but if someone could flawlessly hack Jelly Bean onto the Lumia 920, I would give them $500.” He’s not the only one who feels Nokia’s talents are wasted on Windows Phone:

Nokia Should Have Just Made An Android Smartphone

And in the “kicking you while you’re down” department:

Nokia’s new PureView ad is amazing, too bad it’s faked

More kicking:

 Nokia’s PureView still photos also include fakes

 As long as current Nokia CEO and former Microsoft honcho Stephen Elop is there, Nokia will stick with Microsoft. But at this rate, the question is, “how long”?

Here’s the thing: Europe loves Nokia. And Europe loves Android. If Windows Phone fails again (and assuming Nokia is still around) maybe one day we’ll see this match made in heaven actually consummate their relationship. Until then, Nokia will keep making “yeah, but” phones (as in, “yeah, but I don’t want Windows Phone”). And there’s a chance that Blackberry 10 could reopen its shrinking lead against Windows Phone to cement its status as the distant 3rd place operating system. Actually, this isn’t out of the question — there are a lot people who still love the Blackberry brand.

If they put out just one Nokia Android phone with a Pureview camera, it would probably be the biggest phone in Europe. It’s like they don’t want to succeed. Their foundering attempts at differentiating themselves with Windows Phone completely negates the brilliant engineering and design that should otherwise make the Lumia 920 a rousing success. The bottom line is this:


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