The AOL of Smartphones?

The iPhone is increasingly falling behind other smartphone manufacturers in areas of customization and features, as Apple’s stubborn insistence on a “one size fits all” phone is starting to show its cracks. The lack of choice in the iPhone market has fueled Android to overtake the iPhone OS as the number one smartphone operating system worldwide, and the  Samsung Galaxy S3 actually outsold the iPhone in the U.S. last month, a feat that no single smartphone model has accomplished since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

Like AOL, the iPhone’s simple and easy to use interface is what made it attractive to newbies when it launched. But five years later, a lot of people find it too simple. Like AOL, the iPhone will have its place in the market. Technophobes and people who just can’t let go will still want the newest iPhone when it’s released. But unless Apple is willing to move to truly bigger screen sizes and more (any!) user customization, it will eventually become what AOL is today — once monolithic and ubiquitous, but now a sure sign of being unhip and out of touch.

Hey, maybe these two titans will merge into one company and we’ll see ads like this:


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